General Process

As shown below, the idea is to download the electrum wallet and import the private key of bitcoins into it. After block synchronization, you will be able to receive and transfer the UBTC.

Download UB Wallet

Set Data Directory

  • Bitcoin core
  • Bitcoin Lightweight Wallet
Export Private Key

Import Private Key

Synchronize Data

Use UB

Step by Step

This material is for users who are claiming UBTC for the first time. Please back up private key or wallet data involved in the following steps. If you previously used electrum wallet, you can directly go to the section 'Import Private Key'.

Download Electrum Wallet
Please download the latest version of electrum wallet from the above link. Here we use the portable version in the example below.

Create a Wallet

A wizard will start to guide you to create a wallet. Please follow the instructions. Select 'Auto connect' to connect to the server.

The next step is to select a default wallet name which is not modified here, please directly click 'Next'.

Electrum supports multiple wallet types, please select the most common type 'Standard wallet'.

The following is to create a new keystore, leave it as the default.

Next is to choose Seed type, also leave it as the default.

Next, the wallet will randomly generate the seed, please copy and save it to another file, as electrum will clear the clipboard and ask you to enter the seed to verify it.

Next, please enter the seed you saved previously and verify it.

Lastly, please set up your wallet password. After confirming the seed, the wallet is successfully created.

Synchronize Data

The wallet will automatically synchronize data after entering into the main interface. The synchronization is fast given this is a lite wallet. When the UBTC balance appears on the lower left corner, the synchronization is finished. The wallet is available for use however it will synchronize regularly afterwards.

Import Private Key

All UB tokens are recorded at the corresponding addresses, and one private key is mapped to one unique address. Therefore the private key is the most important information in this process.

Export Private Key from Bitcoin QT Wallet

The name of the backup file for bitcoin QT wallet ends with '.dat'. However, the backup file cannot be directly used in electrum wallet. You need to export the private key from the console in the QT wallet. The functions of UB QT wallet are exactly the same as Bitcoin QT wallet. We use UB wallet here as an example to demonstrate the private key export.

First, open the debug window

Move to tab 'console'

Export the private key of the address by entering “dumpprivkey [address]” in the input box below the console. The red line in the picture below is the exported private key.

UB QT wallets usually have multiple addresses. If you do not know which address holds a balance, you can:

Import Balance into Electrum Wallet

Import the private key into UB wallet. The following operations are carried out in the electrum wallet.
First, create a new wallet from File —> New/Restore

Follow the wizard to move on to the next step.

Next, choose “import the Bitcoin addresses or private keys”.

Next, enter the private key exported from the Bitcoin wallet.

Click “Next” to complete the import of private key. If there is a Bitcoin balance in the address, you are able to see the UBTC balance in electrum.


Bitcoin wallets usually have multiple or new addresses for changes, transfers or receipts. As a result, your coins might be available in several addresses. For your convenience, we recommend that you create a new address to aggregate all your balances before exporting the private key.
The best way to claim UBTC is to use a UB QT wallet (see another tutorial), make a transfer and import into electrum wallet. Otherwise you will need to export all the Bitcoin addresses that have balances.